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We shall use the ISI/ journal and Google Scholar h-indices. The ISI/ journal index can be derived from the ISIS Web of Knowledge (WoK; http://apps.isiknowledge.com ) by search for papers under an author’s name (e.g. Zisserman A), then by creating a citation report which reveals the h-index. (A more personalised search can be found in Scopus, but fewer academics have regular access to this.) For Google Scholar, the h-index can be provided by the Publish or Perish (PoP; http://www.harzing.com/pop.htm ) software (or manually).

In each case, the IAPR Fellowship committee requires a list of the papers, from which the h-index was calculated and for papers up to the h-index minus five, to be included with the nomination. (The list can be emailed in ISI WoK – including citations - by using the marked list facility; the GS papers can be saved from PoP using the Copy Results button and then pasting it into a document.) By way of example_PoP and example_WoS, please find a calculation of Andrew Zisserman’s h-indices (in part as an inspiration to us all!).

One difficulty for these measures is uniqueness: especially for GS/ PoP it is worth searching under an author name which is more general (e.g. “A Other” rather than “AN Other” [and use quotes as it ties initial with surname] will find papers authored by “A Other” and “A* Other”) as some publishers omit second initials and many are inconsistent with Asian names. The extra entries can be easily filtered in PoP (or discounted in a manual GS search). As stated, these indices help to guide analysis of research impact and are not a magic number: in this round we shall evaluate what guidance can be derived when considering the award of Fellowship of the IAPR.

At minimum, the material from Google Scholar/ Publish or Perish should be provided by the nominator, as this is freely available.

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